About Joalena

Growing up, I was fascinated with alternative healing. At the age of 11, I found myself going into book stores and getting enraptured by the “self help” section. I learned early on that we as humans have the capability of changing our lives for the better.  I focused on positive thinking, visualization and was practicing the law of attraction before I knew what that was. My exploration into the healing arts would continue as I practiced yoga and began learning about meditation. 

When I was 18, I found myself discontented while working at a retail job. I thought there was no way I could continue in a soul sucking workplace.  I expressed this to my mom, who asked me if I ever thought about massage therapy, she said “you’ve always been a healer”. I immediately told her no, and would later admit to myself that it was solely because it was my mom who was suggesting it and there was a teeny bit of teenage rebellion in that answer. After I thought about it on my own, I went back and asked her to help me look into schools and licensing. I found myself sitting in on a class at the Touch Therapy Institute and immediately felt drawn to the work and enrolled that same day. I received my massage therapy license in 2007 and worked at high end spas all over Los Angeles for about a decade. I enjoyed providing massage, but desired to facilitate a deeper kind of healing than the cookie cutter spa-style sessions that were promoted at most day spas. This led me to seek out different modalities and I was introduced to Crainiosacral Unwinding, Reiki and Sound Healing.

In 2011, I started my own independent bodywork practice, Heal with Me. For many years I explored and trained in the vast field of the energy healing arts, finding great results in my client’s experiences. In 2013, I took a training in sound healing with Jamie Bechtold (of the Soundbath Center) and began incorporating the use of tuning forks in my massage sessions, amplifying the healing process of these sessions.

I consider myself a student of life, where I am always learning and evolving. During the years in my private bodywork sessions, my personal clients have asked my advice on exercise, diet, lifestyle, and together we have created treatment plans with mindset changes to help them achieve their goals.  I decided to evolve further and shift toward holistic life coaching, where I help guide clients to make positive changes, by integrating my knowledge of wellness, energy, sound healing and meditation.

I believe we all have the unique ability to heal ourselves and it is an honor to be an instrument in facilitating that with you on your wellness journey.