Holistic Life Coaching:

60 minute sessions

4 pack/ $325

Monthly ongoing $300

If you are longing to…

  • Discover your true passion
  • Get help with implementing a wellness routine
  • Receive guidance in learning to change your mindset
  • Attain your goals
  • Improve your self confidence            

I will be your accountability partner. We will meet once a week over Zoom or FaceTime to focus on improving your quality of life.  We will work toward specific goals to reach your highest potential, identify the blocks within you to give clarity and move you forward into action.

I incorporate different modalities such as meditation, reiki, sound healing and mindfulness in our sessions.



Sound healing has been a tool for promoting the physical and emotional health of the body for as long as history can account for, deeply rooted in ancient cultures and civilizations. This delightful session combines a crystal singing bowl, tuning forks and koshi chimes to help balance your body, mind, spirit and align your chakras. Also enjoy calming therapeutic massage and bodywork on your scalp/head, hands and feet. Deeply relaxing and meditative, you will unwind on the table as you take a journey, absorbing the sonic vibrations. Soothing aromatherapy is intuitively picked for you, enhancing the sensory experience.  Together, we may identify emotional or energetic blocks and help you move through them. Improve sleep, ease anxiety and reduce stress in this high vibration experience.   

1 hour/ $111

1.5 hour/$160


Reiki Tuning 


Reiki is an ancient rediscovered natural healing technique involving the placement of hands onto the body in order to channel energy. It is a technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing.

A tuning fork is a tool for sound healing that works to align and center your being. It can help increase nitric oxide in the body which assists us in managing our stress.

In this session, I combine the two therapies together, working to balance the energy centers in the body, creating a unique experience for the receiver that will leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

1 hour/$111

1.5 hour/$160


Crainiosacral Unwinding


A gentle non-invasive method that works with connective tissue to release tension, relieves energetic blockages and helps the nervous system to process, bringing harmony into the body and allowing it to self-correct and self-heal.

1 hour/ $111

1.5 hour/ $160

“You are an aperture through which the universe is looking at and exploring itself.” – Alan Watts

  • Disclaimer: Results may vary; all information contained in this website, and services provided, are designed to compliment, not replace medical and/or psychological treatment. Please consult your physician for medical advice, and ongoing medical treatments.