“Joalena is a fantastic healer. She helped me heal through a very difficult time in my life. She is thorough and cares about her clients. After seeing her just one time, I have made drastic improvements and I am very grateful we crossed paths”- Arianne. F, 11/8/19

“Joalena is a gifted healer. I recently had a sound healing session with her that eased pain in my body from a recent car accident and helped me transition into my new life chapter by releasing stress, centering, and getting in touch with my inner bliss. Through the vibrations of sound that she creates, acupressure with tuning forks, and massage, the session had a profound healing effect. I have known Joalena for a number of years through her work in the healing space. She is a gentle spirit, an intuitive healer, and a positive force. If you’re stressed, in pain, depressed, anxious, or just need centering, I highly recommend her!”- Christine.B., 9/22/19

“Joalena is an amazing massage therapist! She listened carefully to what I needed, and was great at creating a customized massage session just for me. One of my favorite parts was when she used tuning forks to weave a tapestry of sound healing around my body. It was the most beautiful magical thing, and I felt so good afterwards! I can’t wait to have another session with her!” – Christina.A., 8/16/19

“I’ve had a few amazing massages by Joalena with them being a few years apart and both having such healing benefits. My first was for a prenatal massage. I was suffering from sciatica and she literally healed my pain with using bodywork and tuning forks. Joalena has also helped me post pregnancy for relaxation, relieving muscle pain in my shoulders and hands. It’s hard for me to fall asleep and I was easily able to sleep and rest during my session. She used an intuitive approach checking in with me about my comfort of touch which she was able to meet. I highly recommend Joalena as she has such an intuitive sense, unique experience using sound healing for deeper healing, and touch to her craft. Thank you Joalena!”- J.E., 1/18/19

“Joalena has strong, but angelic hands! I’ve been fortunate to be her client for several years, and every session is AMAZING!”- Deidre U, 6-22-17

“I’d never received a cranial sacral treatment before I saw Joalena, but my first session with her blew me away. I have never felt a “lift” before as I do when I have a session with her. It balances me emotionally, physically and spiritually. I walk away feeling more connected to my own body and completely like myself again. If I could use the words to describe my results, they’d be: refreshed, balanced, safe, whole and cleansed…. Thank you, Joalena! You’re a blessing to this world!” – Tina L, 4-12-16

“I met Joalena Moore about a year ago. I went to her in desperate need of relief for some serious shoulder pain. The pain was inexplicable, I just woke up one morning with mobility reduced to from 180˚ to 30˚. I had an x-ray and MRI done, nothing seemed out of place. I did six months of grueling physical therapy that did absolutely nothing to improve the mobility in my shoulder. In utter desperation I tried a deep tissue massage. I had never had a massage in my life, and Joalena was wonderful. She listened to me, more importantly, she listened to my body by not pushing or pulling around my injury. I don’t know what she did, but during the massage something big, it felt like an orange, just seemed pop and leave me. I am not kidding, when I got off the table I could move my arm for the first time in six months. I probably had a trapped or pinched nerve, invisible to the naked eye and hard to diagnose, but Joalena worked her magic and unraveled it. From that day to this I have not had any problems with my shoulder, not even a twinge, it’s as though nothing ever happened. My chronic pain was so erosive, so constant, that when it was gone it literally felt like I had a new lease on life.

I recommended her to my husband, recently recovered from stage 3 prostate cancer, who has chronic back pain. He has a job where he sits for long periods of time and sometimes when he comes home he can barely walk straight. His condition is the result of an old injury, so ongoing therapy is needed, and Joalena works with him to relieve his symptoms. She does Cranial Sacral massage with him and it really works. After seeing Joalena he moves so much more freely, it almost brings tears to my eyes to see his relief from pain. We would definitely recommend Joalena as a therapist for any injury. She is intuitive, listens well, and is genuinely into her craft. In my opinion Joalena has that rare quality in a therapist, that of being a healer.” – Rosaleen O, 6/6/16

“I’ve been seeing Joalena pretty much exclusively as my massage therapist for more than 4 years.  She started out as my Prenatal massage therapist when I was pregnant with my second child.  After the baby I continued with her for all my body work.  I sit at a computer for hours every day.  So I tend to have a lot of tension in my shoulders and lower back.  Joalena really does know how to release the muscles and I always leave feeling amazing.  After the session is over she always reminds me to do the salt baths and proper stretching for my sore muscles to keep the knots at bay!  She is the most caring and sweet person you will ever meet.  I highly recommend her!!” Peejay P, 12/5/2015

“Joalena is great! Not only is she extremely knowledgeable, she is a natural healer. I can’t image the neck and shoulder pain I would be dealing with if it wasn’t for her. She is very intuitive and sincerely cares about the health of her clients. I would recommend Joalena to anyone.”- Marinda S, 3/20/14

“Joalena has magic hands! I love that every massage is always different with her. Her massages are very intuitive and she is able to find spots that need work on them that I didn’t even realize.  She’s attentive, and always asks if the temperature, pressure, bolsters, etc. are to your liking. I also love the calm energy she has about her — it helps to calm me too! She gives tips for stretches that you can do on your own. If you need a relaxing massage, some self-care, work on stiff muscles, or all of the above, Joalena is your woman!”- Naomi K, 9-1-14

“For years now, I have been relying solely on Joalena for working out all my aches & pains. I am in love with her massages, which for me are a perfect balance of relaxing swedish & effective deep tissue. I agree with the other reviewer who talked about her strength…because Oh My Lanta! This woman can work out some serious knots!

I think what really sets Joalena apart from other massage therapists I’ve seen is her commitment to healing. She carries herself in a way that, from my very first visit, immediately put my mind at ease. She listens carefully to what I need, then seems to rely on an unparalleled intuition to guide herself through the rest of the massage. I stay extremely busy, and I suppose I must adapt well to pain because after every visit, I’m always surprised to feel relief in places I didn’t even know were strained. I’ve never visited another therapist who was able to effectively rid me of so much pain. I highly recommend booking a massage with Joalena, and I would be stunned if you weren’t compelled to come back.” – Penny C,11/6/12

“Joalena is such an undiscovered talent in Montrose. I have been getting professional massage since I was 8 years old and i have a high standard for deep tissue massage. she gets all the right spots with the perfect amount of pressure. which by the way, she has more strength than you could ever imagine possible from a female massage therapist! if you don’t like deep tissue I would still recommend her. she has so much control and finesse she adapts easily to all your needs. I have not had one massage from her that was the same as the one before it. she customizes each massage based on what is going on with your body. i can’t wait for my next appointment!”
April Ray, Owner April Ray Hair Salon – Montrose, ca 6/15/10